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Hi All,

After talking to Grawallschachdl last night I would like apply to join the LF, you are a great bunch and run a decent server (hard work I know).

The 2 issues could be that I don't speak German (typical Brit, I only speak one language) and that joining TS all the time may be an issue. If either of these are an issue I fully understand.

Thanks for approaching me Grawallschachdl, much appreciated.


I like to welcome you to the clan

Many thanks Grawallschachdl, been awhile since I have worn any day, I'll try and do them honour 🙂



Welcome on board buddy, I hope the google translation here is good enough for you to understand - we are (I am) simply too lazy t translate everything manually.


I hope you got introduced into everything, if not -> talk to any of us admins, we'll let you know the basics (Rules section should give a pretty good hint)


TheOriginalEasyM hat auf diesen Beitrag reagiert.

Thanks Banana Split, google translate Seems to be doing the job 🙂



Willkommen bei uns. Das Google seine arbeit macht freut mich. Dann kann ich hier schön weiter auf deutsch schreiben ^^.